• How can you get the most out of your negotiations ?

    Negotiation training tailored to your profile and business sector

  • Expert in international negotiation in the industrial sector

    With 20 years of experience in the industry.

  • Develop your export activity

    Accompanies VSEs and SMEs with industrial profiles in their international commercial growth.

Un suivi personnalisé

Dirigeant, il est temps de donner une dimension internationale à votre entreprise !
Results oriented

More than 20 new geographic markets conquered. 500 professionals trained in proven negotiation techniques. 100 million in sales.


2,000 negotiations conducted in complicated technical environments with high stakes.


Complex negotiations conducted on 5 continents, more than 55 countries visited. Speaks 4 languages : English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Business expert

20 years in the sale of complex technical solutions and associated services.


Certified professional adult trainer, technical and commercial training at Master’s level.


Development and implementation of business plans. Management of 30 agents and 15 sales representatives.

Avantages de notre offre

➡ Vous n’avez pas les compétences en interne, si vous les avez, vous manquez de temps pour développer vos ventes à l'international.
➡ La mise en place d'un service export interne coûte cher, le chemin vers le succès est long et complexe.
➡ Vous cherchez à limiter votre dépendance au marché français. L’export est une solution, en changeant quoi ? Pourquoi ? Comment ?
  •  Negotiation training
     Negotiation training
  • Strategic audit
    Strategic audit
  • Accompaniment
  • Coaching

We offer complex negotiation training modules for your employees.

Selling your know-how internationally requires various pre-requisites in terms of being and knowing how to do.

However, as we all know, we advertise when looking for candidates with a number of qualities / skills often impossible to find in one and the same junior person.

The idea is to accelerate the learning period and get your new recruit or junior sales person already in place, operational or better as quickly as possible.

In order to reach this objective, we have built a step-by-step, very concrete, modular and efficient training program, allowing us to accompany your resource in his skill development.

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We conduct interviews that allow us to establish an internal diagnosis of the company. This audit concludes with a report summarising your strengths and weaknesses.

External analysis allows us to identify market opportunities and threats, as well as market segmentation. We analyse your position in this market.

Together, based on these observations, we set the objectives to be achieved by determining the target market/geographical area and the means to be put in place.

During these steps, it is to adapt to your resources and ambitions, for this reason we propose economical and flexible export strategy plans.


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Together we put in place the tools and procedures necessary to carry out the export plan determined in the previous phase.

We start by checking the economic dimension of the project. During this process, we assist you in the search for financing.

We can carry out the following tasks for you :

  • Studies, market selection,
  • Prospecting missions,
  • Setting up a network of agents or distributors,
  • Organization and participation in trade fairs,
  • Commercial management of peaks of activity (return trade fair for example),
  • International negotiations,
  • Creation of export sales materials.

These steps are carried out by dedicating a resource who works under the name of your company and with a guarantee of confidentiality.

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Access to information, even grey information, is becoming simpler every day and its offer is multiple and more and more complete in recent years.

This availability of information and the training of more and more enlightened managers on the importance of the commercial strategy, especially in export, forces the consultants to renew themselves.

It is no longer the time to look for a 150-page audit, but to accompany the manager in the deployment of his strategy.

Indeed, the loneliness of the manager in this complex context, leads him to look for peers specialized in export, offering him a listening ear, immediate feedback on his strategy, his reasoning, to reassure himself and adjust his action plan if necessary.

Actively listening to these managers, with pertinent remarks, allows him to stay the course and go through the stages of his export plan.

My empathy, my listening skills, my expertise in the export field, allow me to offer you this service.

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« L'art de la réussite consiste à savoir s'entourer des meilleurs ! »
John Fitzgerald KENNEDY

Why choose us ?

Guarantee of the good progress of the service, no over cost.

➡ Programme with objectives and dates set together.

Direct results to broaden the client portfolio.

Action plan conducted under your name in total confidentiality.

Direct results, generate qualified leads
Direct results, generate qualified leads
Increase your turnover
Increase your turnover
Development, export of know-how
Development, export of know-how
Action plan, confidence, serenity
Action plan, confidence, serenity


The area has nearly 4.5 billion inhabitants. The potential is immense but it is necessary: to target its market well. One country is not worth another and have a local partner !

Exporting to Asia

Exporting to Asia


As the world’s 7th largest market in terms of number of consumers, Brazil offers unique opportunities. France ranks 12th in the ranking of suppliers of Brazil’s imports.

Exporting to Brazil 🇧🇷

Exporting to Brazil 🇧🇷


The world’s leading economy with a GDP per capita of $ 64,674 and a growth rate of around 4.1% !

Exporting to USA

Exporting to USA


A real bridge between Europe and Asia, this market of 143 million consumers has already attracted more than 1,200 French companies.

Exporting to Russia 🇷🇺

Exporting to Russia 🇷🇺


With 37,000 French exporters in the region out of the 125,000 registered worldwide, France enjoys a strategic position for the region and vice versa. The “Near and Middle East” region has 300 million consumers !

Exporting to the Middle East

Exporting to the Middle East
  • industrial machine supply
  • Diner with customers
  • Wire fair
  • Negotiation at trade fairs
  • Export support